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Apply for a semester

Welcome to the study abroad application for semester and year programs at Juniata College. The online application form may be just one part of the application process. All semester and year programs require recommendations. See below for full details.

The Programs

This link has all of the current program offerings that are semester or year long. You can also use the search function found on the Program tab.

The Deadline

The deadline to apply for semester and year programs is the first Monday in December. In 2018, that is December 3.

The Choice

Make sure to have two programs in mind: a first choice and a second choice. Apply through Terra Dotta to your first choice.

The Essay

Use the number of words that you need to tell your story. Generally, a student will need two full pages. Write your essay focused on the first choice while incorporating a paragraph on "if I don't get my first choice, my second choice would be good because..." Font and margins are not important. If you have a plan that involves two semesters at very different settings, you may find it easier to write an essay for each semester. Please know that the International Education Committee has to read the essays for each individual. Your application will benefit when you use clarity and good writing.
Be prepared to give your essay to the people from whom you are requesting recommendations.


There are three (possibly four) recommendation forms which are a required part of your application for study abroad.
  1. POE Advisor
  2. General Advisor or Other Academic Advisor (if you do not have a general advisor)
  3. General Recommendation – this recommendation can come from a person of your choice that can evaluate your preparedness for an intensive, immersive, international experience. You can ask another faculty member, supervisor, coach, pastor/Imam/Rabbi, etc. The recommender does not have to be part of the Juniata community (can be a summer internship supervisor, or your high school soccer coach, for example). The recommender CANNOT be a personal friend or family member.
  4. Language Reference – ONLY if you are applying to a program at which the language of instruction is not English. As you complete your online application, there will be a section where you will add the contact information for your recommenders.

Once you submit your application, the application system will send an email containing the electronic recommendation form to each of the recommenders at the email address that you provide. PLEASE USE THE SEARCH DIRECTORY FOR ON CAMPUS PEOPLE. For an off campus person, it is imperative that you type in the correct email. The email will contain all of the instructions for the recommender on how they can correctly fill out the electronic form.

Early in the process (not after you have submitted your application) you should ask your recommenders if they are willing to write a recommendation for you.  It is your responsibility to follow up with your recommenders to see if the email sent from was received. Applicants missing recommendations are considered to have incomplete applications and could be considered ineligible to study abroad. It is your responsibility to provide a copy of your essay to your recommender on a timely basis if your recommender requires it. 

If you have any questions about your application, contact the study abroad advisor (