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Things to know

Program Information Limited Enrollment L.E. Surcharge  Locations

Terra Dotta

If you hear the term Terra Dotta, that refers to this online portal for Study Abroad information and the application system

Two Choices

It is recommended that when applying to a program, that you keep a second option in mind. When writing your essay to support your application, please make sure to mention your second choice in the essay. But only apply to one program--your first choice.

Menu selections

The side menu bars have information at the main level in addition to the sub levels. For example, if you click on Getting Started, you will find text "As you start to consider..." AND menu bars titled To log in and Selecting a program. Don't miss out on the good information provided on the main pages of each section.

Acceptance Fee

When you are accepted for placement you will be assessed a $30 acceptance fee. If you do not accept your placement or decide at a later time to not participate on study abroad, the fee will still be assessed. The fee will appear on your bursar bill at the time your receive your billing for the semester abroad.

Program Courses, Types, and Duration

For courses that have previously been assigned Juniata Credit and FISHN Designations:

Please see the International Course Database located on its own tab under Academic Information. 

Program Types:

Exchange Programs:Juniata has a long history of vibrant direct exchanges with international institutions. Students on Juniata Exchange (EXC) programs apply first through Juniata's study abroad application process and then directly to the partner institution. 

Third Party Programs: Another school or institution administers this program that will be held at another university. Examples are BCA Abroad, EPA (European Programs Abroad), IFE, and Czechmates. A student applies first through the Juniata study abroad application and then to BCA, EPA, IFE, or Czechmates.  An additional fee may apply and you may be required to pay a deposit. 

Duration of the Program:

Semester--fall or spring, application deadline is first Monday in December
Year long--application deadline is first Monday in December

summer (SU)--Feb. 15 application deadline. May require registration in a Juniata course in both the spring and summer semesters. 
Winter (WI)--October 1 application deadline. May require registration in a Juniata course in both the fall and spring semesters. 


Limited Enrollment

A number of exchange and a majority of the third party programs are Limited Enrollment (LE). LE programs are competitive, many with a requirement of a 3.0 minimum GPA. Students are not guaranteed their first choice of LE program, even if they meet the requirements. LE decisions will be made by the Dean of International Education and the International Education Committee (IEC) after the December 5 application deadline and will be based on student application essays and advisor support. Preference will be given to fall and full-year applicants. For the current list of limited enrollment programs this year, click

Surcharge for a second Limited Enrollment placement

Juniata encourages study abroad for all students.  There are some program sites abroad which are designated as Limited Enrollment (LE).  The LE designation indicates that a program has limited spaces for enrollment because of either increased institutional costs and/or competitive placement, i.e. higher requirements for placement.  The program sites to be designated as limited enrollment will be determined on a year-to year-basis by the Dean of International Education.  The number of placements available at each site will also be determined on a year-to year-basis by the Dean of International Education.   Not all applicants who apply may be offered placement at a study abroad site designated as limited enrollment.  LE programs usually have higher minimum GPA and other requirements such as additional application requirements in the case of internship placements.  The International Education Committee will review the applicants for limited enrollment placement separately from the non-LE sites in December each year.  

A student may apply for two sites that are designated limited enrollment within an academic year, but if placed at both sites the student will be required to pay a surcharge of $5,000 - $10,000 as determined by the Dean of International Education and based on budgetary impact.  The student will be apprised of the surcharge at the time of notification for placement on study abroad.  

Where can you go?

Juniata students can study abroad on every continent (except Antarctica) in the following countries:

Africa: The Gambia, Rwanda

Asia: China, India, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines

Europe: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom

North America: Canada, Mexico

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

South America: Ecuador