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Selecting a program

There are many decisions that go into choosing a study abroad program. We highly suggest you attend a general study abroad info session and make an appointment with a study abroad advisor to help you in this process. In the meantime, here are some general tips:

It is not just where, but WHAT you want to study:

Traveling is much cheaper and easier than study abroad. Make sure you pick your destination with what you want or need to study in mind. Some of our sites are better for some POEs than others. Also, some sites are more limited than others, as they require you to take classes within one or two departments.

It is not just what, but HOW you want to study:

Our sites vary from field study focused, to traditional classrooms, to small educational centers near universities. Some universities are large while others are small. Some are private and some are public. Finding a good academic fit for you is important and sets you up for success!  

It is WHEN you want to study:

Most people go abroad during their Junior year. However, for some POEs, going abroad sophomore year or the fall semester  of senior year maked more sense. Also, you may be trying to choose between semester and summer programs. Please consult your advisors and our office about this. You should study abroad when it best fits your academic plans and if you then have a choice, read more below. 

Consider the SETTING around you:

Are you someone looking for a big city or a small quiet town? Although we pick our destinations with safety and comfort in mind, some of our sites are in areas with high pollution and certainly more crime than Huntingdon. Some places are more temperate than others, and if you know you are someone who may struggle a bit with homesickness, it may be worth considering which season you want to arrive (winter and dark vs. summer and light). 


You may very well be that adventurous sort who wants to go somewhere unusual and be completely on your own in a setting that is more than just foreign to you. You may also be someone who has never been abroad or on an airplane and who is not even sure that you can go abroad no matter how much support you have. Most people are somewhere on the continuum between those two situations. Our programs vary in the amount of support and familiarity they will offer. Although we encourage you to push yourself so that you will come out having accomplished things you only dreamed of, every person has that "next step" that is right for them. Take THAT step, not a higher one, not a lower one, and come talk to us when you get a little nervous about it. It is part of the process! Both our staff and peer advisors understand this! 

LANGUAGE requirements:

Yes, some of our sites require a certain amount of language background and what an amazing opportunity it is to truly learn another language while studying your own POE! If you are worried about not being ready, come talk with us and we may be able to help you make a plan to get there. Make sure to talk to previous study abroad students (International Peer Advisors) about what exactly is required, and visit the world languages faculty who are often extremely knowledgeable about these sites.