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Health and Safety

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International Health Insurance   Medications  

This is the time for you to be proactive about your physical and mental health and to educate yourself about the differences between the US and your host country.

In addition to the general safety information provided at pre-departure orientation and on the State Department website, all students, especially those travelling to non-Western or developing countries should consult the CDC website to learn about health issues in their host country (Is the water safe to drink?) and to determine what vaccines or medical precautions might be necessary (i.e. malaria pills, insect repellent, etc.).



Vaccination requirements and suggestions vary by country. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta has an International Traveler's Hotline that provides up-to-date vaccination requirements for any region or country you select. Call Traveler's Health Hotline at 1-800-394-8747, or visit the CDC web site. We urge students to research vaccinations and health precautions for any areas they plan to visit outside of their host country.  


Travel Clinics

This link will take you to a list of travel clinics located close to Juniata. You'll need to call for an appointment. If you need a Yellow Fever vaccination, plan to call two weeks in advance. Ask what the cost of the appointment will be before you go.


International Heath and Travel Insurance (CISI)

Health insurance is an important component of study abroad. Students participating in an approved Juniata study abroad program are required to be covered by a comprehensive international insurance plan. The Juniata plan is through Cultural Insurance Services International or CISI.
  • Some countries (Germany and Australia) require you to purchase local insurance. For Germany and Australia, you will purchase the insurance during the application process. We will enroll you in a limited form of CISI which covers emergency evacuation and repatriation at a cost of $11.00 per month. It will be billed to your bursar account.
  • Some of our provider programs (BCA, Bard, others) will require you to participate in their coverage. You will not be required to purchase our coverage.
  • For all other programs and independent Juniata supported internships, you will be enrolled in CISI insurance at the rate of $38.25 per month. It will be billed to your bursar account.
CISI can assist you in
  • determining which prescription medications can be taken to your partner country;
  • finding a pharmacy abroad;
  • finding a specialist or appropriate medical facility.

Prescription Medications

Take with you a current, written copy of your prescription. Make sure that your medications have your prescription on them and that they are in your name. Think about how you will get refills of your medication. If you are in doubt about being able to take your medication in to your host country, contact their consulate.