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Bursar and Billing

About your Bursar eBill 

Fin Letter to Eagles Abroad -FALL.doc 

eRefund is a way for Juniata to send refunds directly to an account on which you are an authorized signer. Why do we ask you to enroll? If you are abroad and have paid for something that Juniata has paid for, we can use the eRefund system to put the money directly in to your bank account. If you don't sign up for eRefund, we can only credit your bursar bill.
  • go to the Arch / Student bill information / billing / Enroll in e-refund

You will be charged your normal Juniata Tuition during study abroad. Your financial aid should apply for semester or year programs. It may not apply for summer programs.
For any questions, please contact Financial Aid/Planning.

There may be costs involved in study abroad that do not usually apply while in residence at Juniata.

This includes Juniata Fees for the following:
  • Technology and Activities: $300/Semester (2017-18)
  • Application/Acceptance to Study Abroad: $35 (2017 - 2018)
This includes charges that will be placed on your bursar account such as your normal tuition, room charges, board charges, CISI monthly insurance, and Juniata fees. Depending on your particular placement, you may not be charged for room and board, but instead be expected to pay it directly when you are at your host institution. You may have to pay for internet connection and other expenses on site which may differ from normal fees you incur while at Juniata.  For a semester or year placement, you are responsible for the airfare to get to your host country.  You are also responsible for any fees associated with obtaining or renewing your passport and for obtaining a visa to enter the country(ries) in which you will study.