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Financial Aid

Most scholarships and grants awarded to students their freshman year which continue throughout a student's time at Juniata will be applied to study abroad. In those instances where a student pays on-site for room and/or meals, the student should talk with Financial Planning in advance to request adequate loan support for the costs for the time abroad.

Financial aid is disbursed to the Bursar’s Office the day after the drop/add period ends.   All educational loans, including federal and alternative loans which are regulated by the federal government, will not disburse until after the drop/add period ends OR 10 days after the semester begins.  Before drop/add, all aid on the account is estimated.   For this reason, students cannot receive a refund until their account has a credit balance. The excess funds will disbursed by e-refund to your checking account after the Add/Drop period.  If a student does not sign up for e-refund, the excess funds will be sent by a check to the home address on record. 

Students who are at Juniata under Juniata employee dependent tuition benefits should see the Study Abroad office and the Office of Student Financial Planning for specific details for individual programs abroad tuition costs.

Students who are at Juniata through tuition exchange should meet with the Office of Student Financial Planning to discuss the costs of Study Abroad.

Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships and grants offered through the CIE, and will be guided to outside scholarships where appropriate or available. Please note that many competitive national scholarships have deadlines as early as November and January for the following school year. Students should start financial planning as soon as possible in order to take full advantage of these opportunities.  

If you study abroad on a Non-Juniata placement, your financial aid will not follow you. Please discuss your plans with the Financial Planning Office before you make a final decision.