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Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Abroad

Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Abroad
Confidential resources are available to support and empower survivors of sexual misconduct on campus, as well as abroad. The Center for International Education, the Dean of Students, and the violence prevention resources—some of which can be found on the It’s on Us site—are here to support you. We encourage you to confide in someone at Juniata, because we can connect you with resources and assist you in navigating the cultural landscape of your host institution.
Confidential resources:
You can disclose your experience to the confidential resources listed below and all information will be kept confidential.

Jody Althouse
Director, Office for the Prevention of Interpersonal Prevention
Betty McKim
Glaeser Center for Counseling Services
RAINN: National Sexual Assault Online Hotline—24/7 hotline and online chat:
800-656-HOPE (4673)
The It’s On Us website contains a confidential and anonymous reporting form:
Official Resources:
These are not confidential and are required to report to the Title XI coordinator.
Emergency Contact:
Kati Csoman
Dean of International Education
Weekdays, 8am-5pm
24/7 Emergency Contact:
Juniata College Public Safety
Public safety will connect you to the Dean on duty, who is equipped to assist you.
Dan Cook Huffman
Title IX Coordinator and Associate Dean of Students’ Affairs
The on-site Coordinator at your host-institution
*Please note that Juniata fosters a safe harbor practice, if a Juniata student comes forward to report interpersonal violence of any type to a Juniata staff or faculty member, they will not be penalized for drug, alcohol, or other minor policy violations.

Immediate Actions to Consider: We strongly encourage you to have your medical needs attended to at a clinic or emergency room. A post-assault medical examination at any clinic, hospital or emergency room is covered under your CISI travel insurance, all you must do is fill out a claim form and keep the receipt from your visit. All study abroad students are enrolled in CISI insurance.
A CISI insurance representative can help students connect with an English-speaking counselor abroad. The majority of counseling costs are covered by the CISI insurance.

Experiencing sexual assault is extremely traumatic and this can be exacerbated by the stress of being in an unfamiliar place and culture.  In addition to stress, hurt, anger, and confusion related to the event, survivors may feel as though they don’t have access to the support and comfort of home. There is no “correct way” to react to an incident of sexual violence. Only the survivor can decide what actions to pursue.

A note on reporting to local police: For your safety, please become informed on local police and legal procedures, as these can often be different from the U.S. cultural and social attitudes toward rape and sexual assault. If you choose to report the incident to the police, we encourage you to seek the support of the Juniata College Center of International Education or the host institutions on-site coordinator first, to find out about local attitudes and policies and to receive the appropriate support. If you are considering reporting your assault, best practice is to save everything and refrain from cleaning up, to not take a shower and to save clothing and bedding in a paper bag. Forensic evidence is best collected and persevered in the first 24 hours, but can be collected up to 72 hours after an assault.

Survivors must make decisions with their best interest in mind. Some survivors feel that it is empowering to complete the study abroad program, while others feel returning home will ease their recovery process. We are here to support you in whatever course of action you choose to pursue.
For more information on sexual harassment and misconduct:\