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El paraíso
"El paraíso"
Dominican Republic
Photo By: Suraia Silveira
I was laying down enjoying the sun in Boca Chica when a guy asked if I wanted to take a pic with his birds, not knowing I had to pay for it, but it was worth it.
January 2018
Ibeth and Isaias in Ecuadorian Andes
"Ibeth and Isaias in Ecuadorian Andes"
Andes Mountains, Ecuador
Photo By: Lauren Eyler
An Ecuadorian woman with her baby, hiking through Andes.
Spring 2020
Thousands of Alleyways
"Thousands of Alleyways"
Fez, Morocco
Photo By: Samantha Hong
The Medina is the historical section of Fez! I went to Morocco with the Concert Choir during our international tour.
Spring 2019
"Crater lake"
Laguna Quilotoa, Ecuador
Photo By: Alexandra Fontes
This is a crater in a collapsed volcano in the Andes, where I hiked and kayaked on my last day in Ecuador. I saw many llamas in Ecuador, but this one was especially friendly!
Spring 2020
A city full of lights and wonder
"A city full of lights and wonder"
Braughing - Hare Street (small village in England)
Photo By: Devyn Allmond
My view from the plane on my return trip to Madrid from the UK.
Spring 2020
A look at the Emerald Lakes
"A look at the Emerald Lakes"
Tongariro National Park, New Zealand
Photo By: Grace Lewis
The Tongariro alpine crossing is a hiking or "tramping" track in New Zealand, and is among the most popular day hikes in the country.
Fall 2019
Isla Lobos, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Photo By: Stephanie Letourneau
Like this sea lion with curious eyes, I delved into the unknown to discover more about myself, these enchanted islands, and my role in our interconnected web - the world.
Spring 2019
Hiking at Pichincha Mountain Outside of Quito, Ecuador
"Hiking at Pichincha Mountain Outside of Quito, Ecuador"
Quito, Ecuador
Photo By: Dain Shirmer
The mountains surrounding Ecuador tower at heights of 12,000 ft or higher and are a quick cab ride from the center of the city.
Spring 2020