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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
Featured Programs
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CHILE: Southern Stars Santiago, Chile
Terms: Winter Description:
CHINA Internship at 3Golden Beijing, China; Shanghai, China
Terms: Summer Description: This course is available only to pre-approved interns for the 3Golden opportunity in Beijing. Dr. Li Shen is the faculty member of record. Please upload your air tickets to the document center so that we know what dates to purchase your insur ance[...]
CHINA: Business in China - CA Beijing, China; Chengdu, China; Shanghai, China
Terms: Summer Description: EB 300/301 has a very strong cultural component in its design. The course not only examines the business world in China from a rigorous academic perspective, we will also show students the practical world by visiting v arious[...]
CHINA: China Today--Cultural Analysis Beijing, China; Shanghai, China; Wudang Mt, China; Xi'an, China
Terms: Summer Description: Within the next two decades China will become the biggest economy in the world, and China’s relationship with the United States will continue to grow in importance.  Students in this course will see China’s remarkable devel opment[...]
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Cultural Learning Tour Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Saona Island, Dominican Republic
Terms: Winter Description: PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: In the last five years, Juniata has partnered with the Fundacion Centro Cultural Guanin on community development projects that enhance the quality of life and outcomes within the community of La [...]
GERMANY: Communication Studies in Germany Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Terms: Summer Description: Students in this course will spend the spring semester at Juniata meeting once a week to prepare for a trip to Germany. During the semester students will prepare presentations on a topic related to either journalism or PR/marketing, while c overing[...]
GERMANY: Computer Science in Germany Muenster, Germany
Terms: Summer Description: Photo By: Cori Timney '19   Students take both CS 390 (Spring semester) and CS 391 X (Summer semester), which equates to an existing CS course offered at Juniata.  The course content will vary each year, previous topics have [...]
JAPAN: Japan Today - CA Osaka, Japan
Terms: Summer Description: International Photo Contest Winner, Picture By: Yoko Tsutani '10 This study-trip to Japan, to take place over approximately two weeks in late May/early June 2017, will introduce you to the history and culture of Japan.  This is [...]
Juniata College Choir Trip fez, Morocco
Terms: Spring Recess, Winter Description: Juniata Concert Choir As the off-campus performance choral ensemble, Concert Choir tours in the spring semester with repertoire focusing on historical sacred music spanning five centuries and several cultures. Each year, their fall semeste r[...]
MYANMAR: Myanmar Today Yangon, Myanmar
Terms: Winter Description: The dates of travel in January are approximate and will be decided during purchase of air tickets.
NORTHERN IRELAND: Conflict, Trauma, and Reconciliation Belfast, United Kingdom; Derry, United Kingdom; Dublin, Ireland
Terms: Summer Description: Dr. Kathleen Biddle, Dr. Celia Cook-Huffman, & Dr. Mark McKellop will explore the roles of education, peace and conflict studies, and psychology in assisting individuals following prolonged exposure to the stress and trauma that accompa ny[...]
RWANDA: Conflict, Memory, and Reconciliation Kigali, Rwanda
Terms: Winter Description: This course provides a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, and the postgenocide restoration and reconciliation work being done at both national and local levels. During the trip we will visit: Hi storical[...]
SLOVAKIA: Viticulture and Enology in the Central Europe Trnava, Slovakia
Terms: Summer Description: For more information, see Viticulture and Enology in the Central Europe Brochure This is a short-term study abroad program which takes students through less known but very attractive winegrowing regions in th e[...]
TAIWAN: Envir. Res. and Entrepreneurship Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Taichung, Taiwan; Tainan, Taiwan; Taipei City, Taiwan
Terms: Winter Description: Photo By:  The goal of this course is to get an introduction into natural resource management in Taiwan from an environmental and a business perspective. As part of the course, we plan to have guest presentations from practitioners [...]
THAILAND & INDIA: Culture, Class and Gender Bangkok, Thailand; Kochin, India; Phuket, Thailand; Puducherry, India
Terms: Winter Description: Photo By: Dr. Celia Cook-Huffman India is a land of many contradictions. Indira Gandhi led the country for nearly a decade, the phenomenal rise of female politicians such as Dr. J. Jayalalitha and Mayawati, has rebooted the field of po litics.[...]
THE GAMBIA: Senegambia Banjul, Gambia
Terms: Summer Description: International Photo Contest Winner, Picture By: Jackie Swain '15 We will spend three weeks in The Gambia exploring topics such as: women’s rights, press freedom, economic development, health care, agricultural policy. The cours e[...]
THE GAMBIA: Sociology in The Gambia Banjul, Gambia
Terms: Summer, Winter Description: International Photo Contest Winner, Picture By: Jackie Swain '15 We will meet 1 hour/week in Spring semester to practice using theoretical frames of sociology to examine Gambian social institutions of family, education, religion, gov ernance[...]
VIETNAM: Imperialism, Communism, Globalism Hanoi, Vietnam
Terms: Description: Fall 2016, register for IC-299 01 Vietnam: Imperialism, Communism, and Globalism  2 credits course fee $1,450 Spring 2017, register for IC-299 01 ST: Vietnam: Imperialism, Communism, and Globalism  1 credit  course fee $1,450 Tenta tive[...]